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fully AMNOG ready

patient and indication based

validated with 6 major pharma products

guaranteed revenue and margin booster

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if you can't measure it, you can't manage it

In the knowledge-driven, increasingly competitive and connected world, the difference between a leader and a follower is to see and know changes faster, and above all, to USE this knowledge earlier than the others. Knowledge, agility and speed in executing shape the winner.

PHARMAWISER™ Simulator, a revolutionary price & access design software, lets you be on top of any change, every time, all the time. This radical invention in the field of dynamic scenario planning, where all meaningful business events and marketing drivers can be continuously updated, makes it possible to immediately assess the international impact of any country market change, any new pricing & reimbursement law, rule or regulation as well as any policy change or strategic move. Maximally tailored for each product, each indication. With specifics for each country, it quantifies the impact on any custom basket of countries or regions, pan-European, American or global.

PHARMAWISER™ Simulator is a powerful, myth-breaking, versatile and cost-saving scenario planning engine for anyone dealing with (bio)pharma Commercialization. In particular functions in Pricing, Reimbursement & Market Access, Strategic Marketing, Portfolio & Brand Teams and Business Development can now truly exploit all available in-house Business Intelligence, P&R and Health Economics expertise.

Vastly innovating in many areas, PHARMAWISER™ Simulator is the transformational cross-functional strategic pricing, marketing planning and forecasting engine by excellence: By integrating the right pieces of data from the massive silo's of information residing within the company, it makes sense of it all. This smart analytic framework enhances cross-functional communication and reduces data redundance while highlighting where the true Business Intelligence gaps are. It increases both productivity and quality tremendously through simplifying the entire commercial planning process. By imbedding P&R impacts right from the start in the scenario forecast a 2-way 'volume/price' resulting margin helps in guiding towards the better strategy.

Ready for national and international use. Tested and validated in real projects.

Made transparent and simple to use, you can ‘design’ your way to success with the unique PHARMAWISER™ Simulator, the newest decision model to steer price & access strategy towards higher profitability.

Fully in line with AMNOG and any other country's reimbursement / access filing dossiers especially when indication & patient based!

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Throughout the entire Product Life Cycle PHARMAWISER™ helps design your strategy:

  • When brand x is challenged by a generic: Quantify the amount of estimated value/profit destruction. Assessment of global effect, given spill-over on other countries. What are possible scenario's and which is best country-by-country pricing strategy post-expiry?

  • For a new brand or new label extension: How does price, country mix or country launch sequence influence the local country and global result? What is the best launch sequence for a specific product with a specific price in a specific country universe?

  • How will the initial launch price evolve over time considering the subsequent launches in other countries and the interdependent effects of price referencing -both national and international- and parallel import?

  • How to determine the right balance between market share (volume) and price given market forces of price elasticity of demand, cross-border trade (parallel import) and referencing?

  • How to quantify the global effect of other local pricing impacts on profits such as discounts, imposed price decrease, risk-sharing, drug licenses, dose-capping, profit ceiling and other innovative pricing initiatives?

  • What is the net impact of Parallel Import, post optimization for effects of International Price Referencing? How to legally curtail PI through clever country pricing?

  • How to fast assess the volume potential of in-licensing or pipeline products according to their potential label and price scenario’s?

  • How to tailor P&R strategy to possible labeling outcomes? What is the best price/label scenario?

  • How to account for varying information availability at different stages of the new product launch and gradually build up a more finetuned forecast at each stage?

  • To what extent will international price referencing offset the impact of parallel trade?

  • To what extent will international price referencing offset the impact of parallel trade?

  • What consequence does a country's price elasticity of demand (both inter-brand and intra-brand)have on the global price & profit picture? What is the optimal country specific price/volume target in view of global margin?

  • How to account for varying information availability at different stages of the new product launch and gradually build up a more finetuned forecast at each stage?

  • How to avoid amazingly different forecasts for the same product depending on which department is the forecast originator.

  • How to harmonize short-range operational budget planning and long-range strategic planning?

  • How to integrate market intelligence, brand management & pricing/health economics inputs in the product planning and forecasting process?

"Having a clean, robust, single version of the truth is the starting point. Without that you're putting lipstick on a pig." Mandeep Hansra

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